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I am so glad you're back as this is honestly the best plugin of this sort by far! :slight_smile:

The colored sign issue was an error on my side, I had another plugin that also had the same feature which caused it to break.

The home issue happened twice so far, and I think it was due to a server crash. Haven't had it happen in a week or so though :slight_smile: Viewing people's homes/ability to teleport to them would definitely be super useful :grinning:


Nexus v1.8.3d has been released:

  • added /spy using permission nexus.spy
  • added nexus.home.teleport-others and improved /home [name] to /home [player] [name]
  • fixed /powertool

Download it here


Thanks for your feedback and the suggestions! Glad you like the plugin :wink:


when i teleport a player with tppos; it disconnects them. also; is it possible to stop this plugin from manipulating the chat? I tried turning the 'use:' to false and everything but it did not change anything


Thanks for reporting the chat issue! This has been fixed in v1.8.4a which you can downloaded here. What goes for /tppos everything seems to work fine for me. Is there any error appearing in your console or are there might any conflicting mods?


just another thing about the chat formatting that i've noticed; sometimes it'll do something like
[Prefix] %player: %msg with just nexus chat formatting which is why i needed to disable nexus for the moment until you can look into that.

this is what i'm referring to
another request to make would be to change the alias of /home set and /home delete to
/sethome and /delhome as everyone keeps getting confused and are used to the old ways


many times when using the /spawn command players get stuck inside a bounding box bug and cant move or anything' upon teleporting away the screen spazzes and requires a relog


Pretty sure this is an issue with Sponge. All my plugins that utilize safe teleports have a tendency to do this as well.


Has this always happened? What version of Sponge are you using? I recently changed the behaviour of the safe teleporting to actually teleport players close to the location specified, I wonder if that uncovered something else.


using the latest version. its happened alot on my servers; and I will admit that i am using Tren's PorjectPortals/ProjectWorlds plugins so that may also be one factor. I'm not sure which plugin is doing it though; it happens with /spawn and /warp from nexus; and logging in sometimes and the only way to resolve the issue is to restart the client


Neither of my plugins should effect Nexus behavior.

@ryantheleach yes this has always been an issue. It doesn't happen as often as it used to but on rare occasion it occurs. I think I'm using a two day old Sponge build, I'll check later. Not on my computer right now


is there a way to set the spawn for new players?


@Khaoz @TrenTech @ryantheleach

Realised that as well since Iam using SpongeForge v1402 to test Nexus. Didn't change something on the way Nexus teleports players. :confused:

What goes for the chat issue: That might happen when using special characters like $ % \ and so on. I got to take a look into that.


Not yet but I like this suggestion! Will add that :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley: Would it also be possible to add Tab completion for names?


Iam currently not using all of Sponge's command builder options thats why its not possible. Anyways: If you want to teleport nettyneets to Cuebyte you could actually type /tp net cue in Nexus as Iam using something customized to find a player. Iam pretty sure that I'll switch to Sponge's command builder pretty soon even if my customized function to find a player does exactly what tabcompletion is supposed to do :wink:


tab completion breaks /gamemode crap it did with nucleus. where if the player happened to have the name ''creative'' or have a 1 or s or c in their name it wouldnt allow ''/gm 1 /gm c'' etc. don't do it. is there a way to make /back do last teleport location not just deaths?


Thank you for mentioning this issue :slight_smile:
Sure, I'll seperate /tpdeath and /back so /back also refers to last teleportation locations. :wink:


Hey guys, I hate to be the "noob" here but I could use some help.

I used to run my own MC server a while back using craftbukkit but we all know how that ended :frowning:

So now I am trying to get an MC server running again for me and my friends to play on. But I cant seem to get this plug in to "work" I have the jar file in the mod folder of my server. Am i Missing something else?



Don't worry! :smile:

Are you using SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla? When using SpongeForge make sure that Sponge's .jar file is in the mod folder as well. Are there any errors appearing when starting your server? :slight_smile:

Basically when using Sponge you just put the plugins in the mod folder, thats it. When having Sponge set up properly everything should work fine! My latest testing of Nexus (v1.8.4a) was in combination with SpongeForge 1402.


Here is a paste of what the server does on start up.

I am using SpongeForge.


Would it be possible to do something in regards to incorporating color codes into console broadcasts? When I use /say in console, color codes have no effect.
Also, it would be great to be able to have a permission for sending links in chat. At the moment only way I can get a clickable link is by using /say from console.

As for the update, thank you for adding the ability to others' homes! Is there a way to see a list of what homes they already have? (for differently named homes)

Thank you once again :smile: