⚛ Nexus v1.8.5b - Providing 100+ Essential Commands and Features


Yes, I mean if you import your world in an other server it's normal that the commands desappear


Am I missing something or doesn't this support @p for commands like /tpworld?


Nexus: v.1.8.5b
Sponge: spongeforge-1.11.2-2282-6.1.0-BETA-2339
Forge: forge-1.11.2-
Error when using command /item


I had issues changing my gamemode when using nexus with luckperms. No issues when using just luckperms.


@Cuebyte are you still working on Nexus ?


Hey I was wondering If I could possibly use this plugin to create new worlds for my server?



Is there a random Teleport command? cause i couldnt find one and i would like to have that command :slight_smile:


The chat channels don’t work


there are a coupple issues with this plugin.

  1. you can move warps, players that create the warp cant move it.
  2. the chat channels dont work.

please fix them


Prefixes seem to not work for this.


when i create a warp it won’t let me remove it saying “you do not own this warp” even though im the one who created it


PLEASE, the warp thing is such a huge issue


If you read the last update notification:

  • Updated Nexus to be compatible with SpongeForge versions for MC 1.9.4

It has not been updated in 2+ years, and is for an old version of MC and Sponge.

People were also asked to report bugs directly on the GitHub:

  • If you found a bug I’d appreciate if you’d like to report it right here by using the GitHub issue tracker.

As it stands, I assume this project is no longer being updated due to the lack of communication and recent commits.