⚛ Nexus v1.8.5b - Providing 100+ Essential Commands and Features


I think because inventory API is not yet implemented, /invsee has to be delayed :frowning:


Oh, right, ok, that's not good


Hey. I cant' seem to get the prefixes work, no colors or prefixes seem to be in place and it drops this upon each msg sent:


Permissions not work with PermissionEx-Sponge @zml

For what it is?

i check with others plguins (PermissionsManager) and work but in the PermissionEx not working.


Are you getting any errors? Also it's better to ask in the actual PEX thread.


Then, switch to PermissionsManager :thumbsup:


the console no have errors.


Then you're going to have to actually be specific, since "it doesn't work" is basically useless in finding out what's wrong. What are you trying to do? What happens when you do that? What does your configuration look like?


i add the permissions for group and work but when i add the permissions for this plugin nexus.example.example not work. I think what tthe problem is the permissions nexus.


I'm having an error. When I use the command '/List', I get the error listed in the screenshot below. How do I fix this?


Will we be seeing an API 5 update soon for 1.10.2?
This looks pretty awesome and can't wait to use it!


I'd also like to know about this. Currently running it on API 5 and a few of the features work.



Yeah have you noticed any bugs?
It seems to work well and we're going to launch our server with it. We have only noticed some minor bugs.
/give and /i doesn't seem to work (not too big of a deal since we have creative and a kit plugin)
/list is broke
/page next command is broken but you can still click the arrows on /help to navigate pages


That's about all I noticed really.


Hi, I love it so far, I'm running a 1.8.9 server and wondering if you're going to continue the support for that version, I tried the latest version and saw that you made it 1.9.4 and it had me worried.



Does this have a "first join spawn" function as well as a "/spawn" function?
As in I can have those separate?

Also, based on going over the perms and commands, how exactly does /spawn [name] work?
What is considered "/spawn" vs "/spawn [a name here]" and so forth?

I'm considering swapping from Nucleus to this, as this can provide me with Chat Channels. But I need to know that if I swap I won't need to "rethink" the setup of some of the features such as Spawning, etc;


Hello, im using this plugins and all is perfect, im using this and PEX one so i configure with PEX some Prefix in chat game and i see that this plugin doesnt support it, can you add support prefix/sufix in game chat plz i really need it on my server


I love your plugin, but whenever I import a world my commands in my command block disappear. Is there a way to avoid that?


It's vanilla, I think that this isn't possible


No, I mean the commands in the command blocks disappear from the world I'm importing. Not my original world, if that is what you are talking about. I've tried this a couple times but the commands won't reappear.