ATTN: Plugin Developers - Opinions Wanted

Hello there,

So I am know that I am new face around these parts but some of you may have heard me or seen my name on the SOSIX. I am the project lead at Resonant Rise, the mod pack helping make Block 19.

The reason why I am have this thread and wanting all plugin developers to look here, is that I need to get a list of yes, no or your own message on this.

To stay true the ideology of Sponge and spirit, I want to include plugins or certain plugins into the Block 19 pack. The reason why I am asking to get permission here, is that with how ATLauncher aka ATL distributes mods and its content. Is that it has to be hosted on their server to be download. Basically RR devs have to upload the plugins to folder where the pack can tell the launcher to download from. Its essential a third party distribution but is secure.

So I am here to gather a public list of plugin developers who don’t mind having their plugin included in the pack. If you prefer to have your plugin downloaded from your site. I can have it set to take the users there. But I highly prefer allow ATL to distribute the mods and plugins.

Also dont worry about not having credit be given to you. ATL has a page to where it shows everything.

Just scroll down to the mods list and you see what I mean.

Below, please state if you don’t mind to have it distributed on ATL, opinions or concerns.

Do developers have to upload their plugin manually after each release or is there any mechanic that pulls the .jar from the last release from GitHub?

Plugin developers won’t have to do anything. Its up to RR devs to upload the newest plugins to ATL itself. Once ATL finishes adding some new features, then pack developers will be able to do auto updates.

I’m cool with it.

Go for it! Keep us informed as to what makes it in.

Definitely will.

Most likely will have a list of mods and plugins that are in the pack

I really don’t know why someone wants to forbid to let his plugin be included in ATL. So, you can use all my plugins as they already are licensed under GPLv2.

Any of my plugins are fine!

All my plugins are under GPL or MIT license. You can use them.

It would probably be easier to individually reach out to developers of the few plugins that aren’t under licenses already permitting distribution, than try to get a list of every open source developer.


I’d wait for Ore :slight_smile: If Ore includes an API (@lukegb?) it would be easier to just pull it, plus it could stay up-to-data. Also, any plugin licensed as Open Source is usually allowed to be redistributed, but worst-case scenario just compile it from source.

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I too would be more than fine with allowing any and all of my plugins to be used in a mudpack (more like honored) :smiley:

It would be awesome but as of right now, it would help as the launcher does not allow remote uploading. You have to manually upload it in the admin console.

That’s lame.

Anyways, we could write a mod to retrieve plugins automagically ^^.