AuraBlockLimit - Simple plugin to limit how many of a type of block a player can place

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This plugin lets you limit how many of a certain block a player can place.


  • /limit:
    • Description: Displays the players limits for the block in their hand.
    • Usage: /limit
    • Aliases: /limit, /blocklimit, /bl
    • Permission: blocklimit.command.limit.base
  • /limit reload:
    • Description: Reloads the plugin.
    • Usage: /limit reload
    • Aliases: /limit, /blocklimit, /bl
    • Permission: blocklimit.command.limit.reload


  • blocklimit.command.limit.base
  • blocklimit.command.limit.reload

Meta Values

  • blocklimit.limit.<block>

Setting Meta Values

To be able to limit the blocks you need a permission plugin that lets you set meta values. LuckPerms would be one and is also my personal recommendation.

To set a block limit with LuckPerms run: /lp user/group <user/group> meta set blocklimit.limit.<block> <limit>

You can use LuckPerm’s verbose feature to get the block names. Run /lp verbose on meta & <your IGN> and place and break blocks.

Special Meta Values

There are two special meta values:

  • -1:
    If the limit of a block is -1, the block does not have a limit. But the block is still being counted for the player.
  • -2:
    If the limit of a block is -2, the block does not have a limit, nor will it be counted for the player.

Planned Features

  • Show nice names
  • Ignore block state variables that don’t affect the block like rotation

Suggestions and Bugs

So if you have feedback on my planned features, suggestions on what I can add or improve, tell me!
Also please report any bugs you encounter, so I can fix them. (Click the Issues link up at the top.)
You can also get quick support on our Discord!


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This plugin uses bStats to anonymously collect usage data, to make development easier.
Ore has since adopted a policy that requires plugins to aquire the users consent to send metric data. However it does not ask for consent. So I’m asking you to be so kind and enable sending metrics for this plugin. Just use the command /sponge metrics blocklimit enable to enable because this really helps me out!
Stats can be found here:

A new version has been released for AuraBlockLimit, it is available for download here.

Version 1.0.1

+ Allow customization of the pagination headers and footers through the language file.

Full Changelog

Version 1.0.0

+ Added the /limit command to show the player their current limit.
+ Added the /limit reload command to reload the config.
+ Added a message when the block limit is hit.
+ Added translation system.
+ Added option to completely ignore blocks (by setting their limit to -2).
+ Added config option to control the fallback value of blocks (either -1 or -2).

Version 0.1.0

+ Added h2 data storage.
+ Added MySQL data storage.
+ Implemented block counting
+ Prevent placing blocks if limit (set through metas) is met.

Version 0.0.0

* Initial commit