AutoCommands - A simple plugin that automates commands to your own needs


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What is it?

Do you need to run specific commands on startup? Or perhaps are you wanting to run a command X minutes after startup? Very possibly, you’re trying to run a command every couple minutes? This plugin can do exactly that!

AutoCommands allows you to run commands on startup, on startup with a delay, or from startup on a particular interval. Everything is configurable and the different modules can be enabled/disabled with ease.

How do I use it?

  1. Drop the plugin jar file into your /mods or /plugins folder.
  2. Launch your server and that’s it!


By default, all modules are disabled so that you don’t send any blank commands. Feel free to preload your configuration in the file /autocommands/autocommands.conf

delay {
    # This module will run the specified commands after the specified delay in minutes
    # Specify how many minutes the server should wait before executing the commands
    # The commands will be run after the delay
interval {
    # This module will run the specified commands at every interval that you have specified below in minutes
    # The commands will be run at each interval
    # Specify how often the server should run these commands in minutes
startup {
    # This module will run the specified commands on startup
    # The commands specified will be run when the server has started up.


If you ever need support with regards to our plugin(s), please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on our community Discord server. You can find it here:


A new version has been released for AutoCommands, it is available for download here.

This version marks the official release of AutoCommands for 1.12.2.


I was looking for a simple plugin that could run a command after the server startup and if possible with a delay. This plugin didn’t exist yet so I asked TheFlash if he could help me and he made this amazing yet simple plugin for me. Plugin works perfect on Sponge servers and does what it is suppose to do. Thank you TheFlash for helping and sharing!