Automatic Vein Miner Plugin?

Is there a kind of Plugin for 1.12.2 Sponge that automatically makes strip mines for players? It should have a fuel source as to not make it overpowered.

Bump? A plugin like this would be very helpful.

I’m guessing nothing relative to this exists?

I don’t remember of such an advanced plugin. A basic one either :zipper_mouth_face:

If i remember correctly fakeing interactions like block breaking are not yet possible. also i can’t recall a way of retrieving possible drops from a block (real drops can be fetched, but are not usable for reason 1).
so unless you want to maintain a huge config with possible drops for each block i don’t think it’s possible. correct me if I’m wrong. NMS-stuff might work or a hard depenency on forge. can’t help with that tho.

May I move your plug-in to the MCBBS website?

MCBBS is a very famous MC forum website in China.