Autosave feature

I was searching for a plugin that would perform some autosave functionality to the server. Does sponge have autosave inherently or could this be a plugin idea?

I created a plugin to save your server files and put them in a zip file.

I will check out your plugin, I should re-word my initial post though, I was searching for a plugin that would save the state of the world while the server was running. I have left my server running over night and noticed a couple times, there are no updates inside the server when no one is online. It does not save the world nor does it show any signs of activity. If I leave the game, the server will say “- Grotts” and when i come back to it, that exact line is the most recent.

EDIT: I just was checking out your ServerBackup and found another of your plugins that may perform the task I am looking to fulfill. CommandScheduler seems like it may be able to fill my needs.

If you want, I can help you with CommandScheduler to create your schedule.

Thanks for the offer, I will attempt it myself first, I like to figure things out for myself best I can before asking for help. I must have missed the scheduler when I scanned for plugins before though.

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