Banning Items With Same Generic ID Codes

As the Title states. I need to ban an item but its one of those ban one and it bans everything else with the same ID code.

Item Example:

Death Generator (#4843/0)
Extra Utilities 2
NBT:1 tabs(s)
Extra Utilities 2

Just an example of hovering over the item i want banned. ALL of the Generators from that mod say there both this: extrautils2:machine and this: (#4843/0).

I use StackBan to ban my items but if i can the Death Generator it bans all the generators due to the global identification names been identical “extrautils2:machine” and “(#4843/0)”.

There is no /1 /2 /3 /4 etc

So how to i ban the item among all of these identical items?

I hope this made sense. Thanks in Advance.

supports nbt and meta for ban filtering

Would that be an addition plugin with stack ban or a good replacement.

from what i see on the git page of stack ban you can use itemtype:meta to ban e.g. minecraft:log:1
so you can stick with stack ban, and don’t need to switch/add anything

Ill have to test epicbanitem see if it can do what i want.

But you see the problem is its like minecrat logs have the same id.


Now pretend they all have the same Generic Name:


Ban one Bans all.

Ill have to find time to test @phit Suggestion.

ah ok, makes sense. sorry for misunderstanding you.

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