Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)


FLARD is doink! FLARD is the doinkment! Doink FLARD!

Rime Riddle 14

Her icy fingers caress
Casting an eerie sound
She can bring distress
Tearing buildings down

Answer to Riddle #13Bed

Answer to Riddle #14Hurricane

Answer to Riddle #14

Snow Storm


Alternative versions of this message will appear in other realities.

Non Viridi

Good food and good cheer
With steak, ham, and beer
Then wandering into the night

I met an odd green fellow
Who hissed his hello
Then abruptly decided to ignite

After all of these years
Blood sweat and tears
These blasted things continue to roam

I don’t mean to be racist
But they’re off my guest list
Since the last one renovated my home

Answer to Riddle #14The Wind


Interested parties are invited to respond by pressing the buttons on your keyboardification mechanism.

Sponge: The Epic - Part 54.062

Roundelays to the bi-helical squire
His mission has joined with our heroes
Assisting to extinguish the odd virtual fire
Admonishing the ones and the zeros

For a good cause they break the causes
With permission they break permission
Scant time for more in the rare pauses
As everything broken needs fixin’


Celebrating the occasion of the Realistic Terrain Generator mod passing 1000000 downloads. Nice work, chaps!

From the Top of the World

May the mountains at the top of the world
Stretch gently down to greet your path
Surpassing world-wrights, their hammers hurled
Give gentle grace to home and hearth

As rivers stretch through valleys to the sea
So the code flows out from github and curse
Feeding the growing branches of the world tree
A million myriad worlds, a virtual multiverse


- Old XXXXXXXXX Proverb.

A Call to Quills

Re-licensing translations
Has troubled many tongues
Complicating relations
As we ascend the rungs

We need to add a license
To withstand all the weathers
Emboldening Spongie’s defence
Without ruffling all the feathers

Help us fill the final dots
Overcoming old mishaps
Let all of Sponge’s Polyglots
Expand to fill the gaps


If cats were bats, would the sky be filled with string?

Looking Down

The endless void below bedrock girdle
Where the unwary are prone to hurtle
Something seems remiss
As you plummet the abyss
… At least there could be a turtle


Get your infinitely recursive Coupon Coupon, now available from Yggdrasyl Labs¹. (1) Coupons not applicable with this offer.

Looking Up

lying underneath
a field of stars, pondering
where did the roof go?


“E” is the new “Z”. Please recalibrate all your instruments accordingly.

Block Beats

The near-forgotten note block
Suggests an impossible goal
There is an abundance of Rock
But nothing that will Roll


Why did the chicken cross the roadmap? – anon.

Let Them Fester

A tiny change just over here
A little tweak right there
Very soon they will appear
Playing whack-a-mole everywhere
Those tiny bugs want loving!

Stomping down the breeding bugs
From spreading exponentially
Needs more than hired thugs
The solution is essentially
To try to do more nothing.


The pathway of maximum inconvenience is wont to dominate


When users say “shake a leg”
We must admit defeat
There is no case to beg
For Spongie has no feet


Happy Birthday to Spongie! {First Commit: September 8th, 2014}

Sponge: The Epic - Part 55.676

Many thank to to all the Spongineers
Past and present who helped bring this day
Spongie is Three, give us three cheers!
And a nod to those who parted on the way

Beside the Spongepowered river-course
Rest DarkArcana and Disconsented
From the birth of the Forum’s Discourse
As everything Spongy was re-invented

The guiding hand of sk89q can now relax
So too devs kobata, kitsub, kornagan,
theresajayne, sibomots, and gratimax,
Granite’s jckf, Voltasalt and AzureusNation

Past moderators TNT, FerusGrim, drtshock
Plus Kodfod, Hawtre, Pandette, Boformer,
Cedeel, Tyrannokapi, Tzk and Saladoc,
For once keeping the SpongeDocs in order

We have API and Implementation releases
Plus many more staff members still here today
Finally reaping the inevitable consequences
Now we’re buried in the bug reports. Hooray?



Variable Monkey Density

Two wise monkeys were fighting
Yet together they shall overcome
Three wise monkeys know nothing
For they are blind deaf and dumb
Four wise monkeys are something
The sixties still rocking today
Five wise monkeys see everything
Who What When Why and Which Way?


“Well, there’s probably something wrong somewhere” – zml


Shibboleths entrained
Curious rhyme explained
This may even sound
Stranger around
Grammatically entertained


Q: How many times does the letter “c” appear in Couscous?
A: It depends how much alphabet soup you add.

Cubular Gene Lab

Cross a Cat with a Horse
That’s par for the Course
When seeking a novel creature line

Consider the poor Creeper
A mutated Pig dug deeper
The poster-child for accidental design


Elocutors elect to employ eclectic text expecting an electrifying effect

Going Up

Of the many mountains ahead of us
The greatest test of our ability
Is the the treacherous Mt. Sisyphus
Where Y → ∞ as X → ∞


“I’m Batman.” – Batman


Our accumulated entourage
Endures to “Java Edition”
Assimilated by persiflage
Parody our secret mission


The only thing I do with the client is swear at it – kashike


I’ll sleep when I get tired
Just need to do one quick thing
Before the coffee has expired
These tiny bugs need fixing

I’ll rest in another minute
But I have to make this now
It glitched when I was in it
I’m not quite sure just how

I’d get to sleep if only
This glue would finally set
And when there are finally
No stupid folk on the 'net


Totally agree - I’ve had that problem a LOT.