BBCFS - Format your chat messages with BBCode!

Plugin for formatting text with BBCode. Advantages: BBCode is widely known; most users would use it right away. Disadvantages: not as short as &-formatting code.

###Examples of valid messages:

[quote=Joshua]Quote from Joshua[/quote]
[spoiler=Named spoiler]Spoiler[/spoiler]
[pre][b]That's how you bold[/b][/pre]

Plugin compatibility

This plugin has three level of compatibility:

  1. Normal compatibility - other plugins are using Appliers, zero problems
  2. Legacy compatibility - other plugins are directly substituting whole text with whole text. Plugin will try to manually extract header, zero problems if succeed
  3. Emergency compatibility - same as 2, but manual header extraction failed. Text is preserved, but any previous formatting is stripped. Whole line is used as input: this could be undesired if header happens to contain opening BBCode tag.

This plugin works only for chat messages; /me, /say and /msg can’t be supported.

bbcodeforsponge.use - permission for using formatting (general permission)
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.b - permission for using tag [b]
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.i - permission for using tag [i]
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.u - permission for using tag [u]
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.s - permission for using tag [s]
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.color - permission for using tag [color]
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.quote - permission for using tag [quote]
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.url - permission for using tag [url]
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.spoiler - permission for using tag [spoiler]
bbcodeforsponge.bbcode.pre - permission for using tag [pre]

Can be used without permission plugin.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

####Compatibility with other plugins (EssentialCmds):

####Compatibility with other plugins (ChitChat):

###Short video:

Used library kefirBB from kefirFromPerm

###Download latest stable version:
Latest Stable Version

####Dev versions (WARNING! Can be even more unstable than releases):

####Travis status:
Build Status


Thanks for your plugin !
Ils work with /broadcast ? Thx!

No, it works only for chat messages, not for commands.

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Okay thanks ! ; )

Seems like an awesome plugin!

I like the implementation of spoiler!

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Could this be expanded into implementing it with plugins such as PEX? It would offer a lot more variety to the tags that use the 16 colours in Minecraft.

What do you mean by “expanded”?

If you have own plugin, and want to preprocess a string same as chat message, with all currently installed plugins, you can do it by creating own event extending MessageChannelEvent.Chat, and then firing it. Or you’re asking for BBCode API?

As in, can this be used to create group tags with the BBcode plugin supplied here?

AFAIK, it don’t have any events I could hook to.

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