BClanChat - Group DMs for Minecraft

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  • Group private messaging inside minecraft.

  • Video explanation:

link to video

A new version has been released for BClanChat, it is available for download here.

initial release

Hey is the sourcecode on github or anywhere? I am trying to use this plugin but i want to change the commands to /group instead of clan

Feel free to fork the plugin here :heart: GitHub - blairwilson/BCC

Hey I noticed that if you had clan chat enabled and you also did the prefix cln! then it would show chat twice in the group chat, I have changed the code a little, and I found a way to get it to only send one message if group chat is enabled and they use the cln! chatprefix, if you want it, some of the things I changed around, but you should be able to understand it, since well it is your code.if (textString.contains("grp!")) { if (util.getPlayerClan(p.getUniq - Pastebin.com

heres a version edit, since if you are not in a clan and have toggle group chat and typed prefix cln! then it would show You can not send clan messages if you are not in a clan twice, so this code here fixes that problem too. if (textString.contains("grp!")) { if (util.getPlayerClan(p - Pastebin.com