Bedrock - Essential commands

Essential commands for Sponge-based Minecraft servers. Our goal is a very light-weight, stable, and clean codebase. While we’re currently in beta, the plugin has been in use on a server with hundreds of active players.


Dev Builds

For the most up-to-date list of commands and permissions, see our README.


Drop into your mods folder, set any permissions, and enjoy.


  • /afk - Toggle afk.
  • /back - Teleport to your last death location.
  • /broadcast (message) - Broadcast a message to all players.
  • /delhome (name) - Delete a home.
  • /delwarp (name) - Delete a warp.
  • /feed (player) - Feed a player or yourself.
  • /freeze (player - Freeze a player where they are. A mobile jail.
  • /fly (player) - Toggle fly for yourself or others.
  • /god - Toggle invincibility.
  • /heal (player) - Heal a player or yourself.
  • /home (name) - Teleport to a home.
  • /homes - List your homes.
  • /inv (player) - Open player inventories.
  • /kick (player) [reason] - Kick a player.
  • /kickall [reason] - Kick all players.
  • /list - List all online players.
  • /(m|message) (player) (message) - Direct message another player.
  • /(perf|performance|gc) - View performance stats.
  • /ping - Verify server is responsive.
  • /reload - Reload configuration files.
  • /(r|reply) (message) - Reply to a direct message.
  • /sethome (name) - Set a home.
  • /setspawn - Set spawn for the current world.
  • /setwarp - Create a new public warp.
  • /spawn - Teleport to the current world’s spawn.
  • /spy - Toggle spying on direct messages.
  • /staff - Lists all staff currently online.
  • /time (dawn|day|noon|dusk|nigh|midnight) - Change the time.
  • /tp [player] (player) - Teleport yourself/player to another player.
  • /tpa [player] - Request teleport to another player.
  • /tpaccept - Accept a request.
  • /tpahere [player] - Request another player to teleport to you.
  • /tpdeny - Deny a request.
  • /tphere [player] - Teleport another player to yourself.
  • /tppos [x] [y] [z] - Teleport to a location.
  • /tpworld [world] - Teleport to another world.
  • /vanish - Become invisible.
  • /weather (sun|sunny|clear|nice|rain|storm|thunder|thunderstorm) - Set the weather.
  • /warp - Teleport to a named location.
  • /warps - List warps.
  • /whois (player) - View whois information for a player.
  • /world difficulty - Set difficulty for current world.

You know I was gonna use this name for my project but switched over another name… Thank god otherwise we would have had a conflict. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please, thanks to add on the download page, for witch Sponge’s version is each version of your plugin ^^

I like this plugin and am excited to see it updated. I also want to know of how you stand in competition. These plugins Core and Nucleus and which are all essentials like commands just like your plugin you have here. Plus a handful of smaller plugins that allow smaller things that your plugin does. What makes this a good plugin compared to others.

I really wish I could use this plugin rather than the ‘EssentialCmds’
Your name is perfect, I love it.
If you were able to surpass 'EssentialCmds’s functionality, I’d switch in a heartbeat.
Just seems right that our new Sponge should have something cool like Bedrock rather than Essentials.
Let’s start theme-ing our plugins, please.

It won’t happen unless you make feature requests or vote up issues on github. For our needs, it does exactly what we want so we’ve been using it for a while it.

The name is not a huge thing. EssentialCmds is going to be discontinued anyway and will become Nucleus. I find that to be a cool name. You would switch because of a cool name? EssentialsCmds has more fans so they get more ideas suggested to them. Bedrock may just be like an EssentialsLite because of less functionality. I would like to see people working on essentials plugins to work together to make a good essentials plugin. I would like to see the bedrock dev join another plugin like Nucleus. They want people to help.

I’m just saying, that I would really enjoy if this plugin had the functionality of one like that, all of the cmds that this one doesn’t have yet. Because really, what plugin do you download first? Your Essential Cmds Plugin. So it just seems right that it would be called Bedrock. However, without the functionality in place, no, I wouldn’t switch plugins because of a name.

The name will be changed anyway from EssentialCmds to Nucleus. You may like the name Bedrock and thats fine with me. Its your opinion.

I like your Plugin any chance we can get this working for minecraft 1.11?

This was last updated in April. I’d say the development is as good as dead for now. Why not go with something active like Core or Nucleus?

or spongy2 if i get to doing that

Thanks I have posted messages on nucleus as well, I will give it a try must most of the time they don’t load they look for minecraft 1.10.2

There are builds of Nucleus for 1.11 afaik