BedwarsX - bedwars game for Sponge

Hello. I was working on Bedwars project recently, but do not have a lot of spare time to continue working on it. So I publish it’s source code, anyone can start contributing to it


Well, typical bedwars gamemode for Sponge. Teams fight with each other. Each team has a bed. If teams’ bed gets destroyed, team members will not respawn anymore. Last team standing wins.

Currently implemented features:

  • Bedwars lobby
  • Game arena, which automatically resets after each game
  • Bedwars shop (villager)
  • Resource spawners
  • Phase Timer
  • Game end


  • make fireball spawn and fly into direction player is looking (Fireball item in shop)
  • fix tnt
  • add diamond upgrades
  • fixes?

Pull requests are welcomed. If needed, I can add someone to collaborators on GitHub.