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Ok so ya know how bungee cord is basically having the player directly connect to the hub, and the hub acting as the proxy between servers?

Can sponge correct this since it controls the client and auto disconnect and reconnect to a new server for them on request?

What do you mean by “correct” this? What is wrong with bungeecoord, that would need to be corrected?

Cause everyone technically on one server, so thered still a max capacity based on resources avalible

No, not with bungeecoord.
Example say you have a server setup like this:

BungeeCoord Server
Server A - 10/20 people
Server B - 200/300 people
Server C - 30/40 people

The way Bungeecoord works, it isn’t actually holding “240” players.
Server A is using resources 10 players, Server B is holding resources for 200 players, and Server C is using resources for 30 people. Although Bungeecoord is allocating some resources it’s basically minimal. You could run it with like ong gb of ram.

But there’s no freedom.
Each server has to be running bungee and be linked with each other. I say if a player wants to establish a portal to another server, why not let him and make it a standard instead?

Each server doesn’t have to be running bungee. Only your bungeecoord server has to run bungeecoord. Other server can be Forge (and even possibly using the sponge mod :wink: ), Craftbukkit, Spigot, Canary, etc. They servers don’t interconnect with each other. The only server that has to connect to all the other servers is the bungeecoord server. Which techincally doesn’t even do that. It just “forwards” the packets from the player to that server. And there is a bungeecoord plugin for allowing players to go through portals into other servers, there’s even one for clicking signs, through a command, etc.

So i could have 100000 player being relayed through these packets and have the non bungee sever still have a portal to another non bungee server?

Yes. Let’s take another example:

BungeeCoord Server 
Server A - 10000/10001
Server B - 1/10001

The person on server B could join Server A through a portal.
As long as Server A has open positions for the player to join, the player can join. Wether that be through a bungeecoord plugin that made it so the player teleported through a portal, or used a command, etc.

That’s still a lot of bandwidth for one server…

Well yes if you have 10000 players online. Which is why most people put the bungeecoord on a hosting company that doesn’t charge for bandwidth (i.e. any non-vps mc host: MCProhosting, BeastNode, ShockByte, the list goes on forever), and only make it like 512 MB cause that’s all you need. Then that way their actual servers (if they charge for bandwidth) wouldn’t get any extra charge than they normally would because it’s the same amount of packets.

Sponge doesn’t control the client.

Sponge is a ForgeMod that only the server needs installed, vanilla clients can connect just fine.
SpongeVanilla is a vanilla server that implements the SpongeAPI. Vanilla clients can connect just fine.

Install Sponge, can access and use sponge plugins as if you were a server, potentially having vanilla lan friends join.

At this stage, there are no client side only features in sponge, their has been talk and rumors about adding them, but it’s some distance away. And even if you did, that would require everyone joining the server to run the sponge client plugin, in which case you may just as well have a modpack for your users to use, and customize whatever you want using forge.

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Well, not everyone, I have done it where I have multiple VPS with private networking, so I’m only paying for the one VPS bandwidth, as the inside the data center connections are free(That’s probably a great way to do it acaully)

I never said everyone did it. I said it was a popular option. I agree. There are other ways to go around it that are better. I was saying it was a possible solution for those who pay for networking on every VPS they have.

What? Okay I didn’t study this properly at all.

So Sponge is a ForgeMod
Sponge is a ForgeMod…
So…it’s not a modloader like forge, its a plugin loader like how MCPC++ was…but now they’re going to be separate…

Okay sorry about not studying.

Also, those free bandwidth hosts…are they really that reliable? And oh wow only 512M for 100k relayed connections??? Interesting…

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I mean everyone is different I’d do some research on which one is. And yea. It really doesn’t take much.