Best Minecraft-(Alpha/Beta)-Version?

Hello Community,
I just had the idea of opening up a modded Alpha/Beta-Server, because back then… Minecraft and it’s community were something… that was very awesome. And I think of recreating that feeling on a custom modded server. Now I just want you guys to tell me your favorite Alpha/Beta-Version of Minecraft, and maybe your thoughts & suggestions about my idea.

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Do Beta 1.7.3, it will attract all those terrain haters


Beta 1.8 - Pistons

Just like me :3

Pistons were added in Beta 1.7

I loved beta1.3 =3


also a good option…

Beta 1.7 made things so interesting :o

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Beta 1.7 was the last version with the old terrain generator.
I have a 1.7 craftbukkit server with the first version of WorldBorder to generate such worlds :wink:

I think the new terrain generator is also good, it’s just nostalgia…

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Beta 1.7.3 <3 ^^

Minecraft Beta 1.8 because of the Melons :heart: :smiley:

@Lazarus ah yes, melons…
But well, looks like I’ll work on a 1.7.3 server, as it’s my favorite version as well… [Old terrain, no hunger]


So many people don’t understand why I don’t like hunger, but it was so much nicer not having to deal with it back then XD

So true… Minecraft was so different back in Notches days anyways… :slight_smile:
Edit: Trying to get the old mcp working right now :wink:
Edit 2: Problems fixed, MCP tried to do checkupdates() on the old (and offline) mcp host.

Here we go: