Best (or worst) Minecraft-related puns

What’s the best (or worst) Minecraft or Minecraft-project related pun you can think of?

Would you like me to Pore you a Bukkit of milk from a Spigot, to go with your Sponge cake?


Have you met Steve? I ran into him last week. He seemed pretty crafty, and ended up being a total creeper.


I heard that bukkit is kicking the bucket, Luckily i have a sponge to get rid of the water that was in it, I’ll need to use it for my cauldron

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Shortly after the 1.8 release, it became impossible to craft a bukkit.

You can still use bukkits, though.

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Don’t use bukkit’s kids, it can kill u

Essentially using Bukkit doesn’t make it Essential.

Abandoning Bukkit because of the CraftBukkit DMCA is like throwing the Sponge out with the Bukkit water.

I bet you all feel really crafty making these puns.


Well I can’t pore to much effort to kick the bukkit, without crafting it first.

I’m starving for a way to grief this topic, but I’m afraid I may get banned for it.

Considering Notch bought a mansion, we sure know he didn’t spend all his diamonds on hoes!