Beta 1.7.3 Server

Remember the times when the servers were flooded by pixelart, with no space for streets between houses? Do you hate the new world generators… or hunger? Well, now Beta 1.7.3 Multiplayer is back!

I opened up a beta server with:

  • ChatColors
  • WorldEdit
  • PermissionsEx
  • AuthMe
  • WorldGuard
  • Essentials
  • HawkEye

The IP:
Also, flying is allowed for everyone - get out zombe! :wink:


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Original Post:


There is Bukkit for beta 1.7.3 (as you can see here), but you just have to find an unofficial download for it =P

About the project, i like the idea and i’ll probably play for nostalgia.

There’s also this topic on Bukkit, where lukegb uploaded lots of old CraftBukkit versions. These are so old that there is no code of Wolvereness in them, so they are still online. Build 1060 is the recommend build for Beta 1.7.3.


Nice. Well, I’m currently hard-coding an ugly server mod… It’s quite some fun. I might use Bukkit later.

That;'s pretty cool! I’ve always wanted to make a serve mod or client mod for a really old version of Minecraft (so I wouldn’t have to update, thus not limited by how much I modify), just haven’t had the time… I’m interested in playing on it, and if you are willing to accept contributors I would be willing (probably cannot put that code on GitHub due to copyright).

I also thought about GitHub (and the copyright issues) but yes, probably some help would be nice…
Never worked on a team though, so I’ll have to see… Maybe just message me tomorrow and we can work something out?

Edit: Probably a private repo on BitBucket or something?

Nice, beta 1.7 was great. I got some plugins and a working craftbukkit for it :slight_smile:

One version before the world generation became boring.
Nice to see someone’s doing this, would definitely give me nostalgia :smile:

Would I be interested in playing on this server?

Hey man, I still have the CraftBukkit for 1.7.3 Beta - I can give it to you, there still are plugins available at :wink:

Alright. I installed Bukkit 1060 (b1.7.3) on my host now. (I feel this won’t be very stable)
So, if it works out, I’ll keep Bukkit, and if not, I’ll just continue development on my own server mod.

For now, my plans are:

  1. Adding AuthMe
  2. Adding WorldEdit
  3. Adding WorldGuard
  4. Coding a very basic, non-bloated Essentials plugin
  5. Allowing fly-mode. Get zombe out!

The server is opened now!

Coming right now!

Maybe get a free domain and set a SRV record on it? Ip and ports are so ugly ;). Something I used before:

Yeah I’ll probably do that.

or you can use these guys I have gotten domains from them before.

only dns wise with something like cloudflare it works as well as (I know the site is not up yet, I am swtiching hosts)

The server should be available under within the next 48 hours.

Eww .tk

@DotDash It’s just a domain…


Also… shall the server stay survival or shall it allow /i?