Better Trails plugin (PLEASE)

Would any developer be down to make a better trails plugin than the one we currently have access too?
Something like superTrails would be great, The only option I have is HappyTrails for my Pixelmon server and I really just wanna use something like SuperTrails.

Would you might linking the plugins you are talking about so we have a better idea of what you want?

For sure!
This would be the HappyTrails plugin that is the only one for sponge -

& this would be the one I would want something similar to -

I really don’t know much about making plugins but I assume it’s hard and considering that is the only trails plugin for sponge, My hopes are not high but I hope this gave you a better understanding of what I am looking for!

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Trail plugins arnt difficult at all. The most simple ones can actually be 1 function holding 3 line with 2 annotations (so something like 8 lines of code). I personally believe that the sponge community attempt to build more complex plugins, its only when a plugin request or something like that when we build smaller plugins.

The plugin supertrails has a lot of features, what in particular is it that you want from supertrails that HappyTrails doesn’t?


Just more trail options like wings and different trail particles, With HappyTrails there are only a few options to choose from. I would just like a wider variety of trail designs to choose from! Would that be possible?

The author of HappyTrails is @gabizou who is pretty active on API 8 (Sponge for MC 1.15). Have you attempted to get in contact with him?

Its normally much easier to add to a plugin then create a whole new one. As its only more partical effects you want it shouldn’t be too difficult


I have not attempted to contact him, do you think he would add some things if I asked? Also, I use Sponge for MC1.12.2

Im sure he will. Hes a nice guy.

I realize that your using MC 1.12.2 API 7 as thats the only version Happy Trail supports. I just meant Gabizou is active. MC 1.15.2 (API 8) isnt out yet