BetterChunkLoader - A Chunkloader mod for sponge

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This Sponge plugin requires the BCLForge mod. we use this secondary mod to do chunkloading reliable.



You can receive support for using this plugin on my Discord Chat.

If you find any issues when using this plugin, please create an issue.


The base command is betterchunkloader (with the alias of bcl), this gives the general usage and what commands are available.

Sub command parameters Permission Description
balance betterchunkloader.balance.own Get your balance of chunkloaders.
balance [User] betterchunkloader.balance.others Get your balance of another player
info get general information about chunk loaders on the server.
list betterchunkloader.list.own get a list of your chunk loaders with the coordinates.
list [User] betterchunkloader.list.others get a list of the users chunk loaders with the coordinates.
chunks [ add | set | remove ] [User] [Type] [Amount] betterchunkloader.chunks change a players amount of the different chunk loaders (personal or world)
delete [User] betterchunkloader.delete Remove the specified players chunk loaders.
purge betterchunkloader.purge Remove Chunk loaders in not existing worlds (eg. after removing a world)
reload betterchunkloader.reload Reloads the configuration (implemented in v.3.8.RC3)


As part of version 3.8.0, you can now set up metadata on the user for a few defaults.

meta name description The number of world chunk loaders a user can have.
bcl.personal The number of personal chunk loaders a user can have.

The user currently has to log out and log in for this to take effect, this will also not work if the user has a set/added value (I am working on a
solution for this)


As part of version 3.9.0 I have introduced H2 (which is now the default). I would still recommend you to use MySQL where possible.


The up to date version of permission can be found at permissions file.


what is the difference between a personal loader and a world loader?

A personal loader is only active when the player is online while a world loader is active even when the player is offline) (how long after their last login can be defined in the config.

A new version has been released for BetterChunkLoader, it is available for download here.


added some more clean message to the error when there is a mysql error.


It was not possible to remove chunk loaders

First/Guinea pig? lol

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Old plugin that wasn’t on here before :smiley:

is there a dependency for this ? i put the plugin on my servers mod folder and it will not load at all

I have updated the description to include what is currently on github :slight_smile:
There is a dependency on the BCLForge mod (linked above now)

A new version has been released for BetterChunkLoader, it is available for download here.


  • Added bStats for visibility of how many are using the version.
  • Added the option to use metadata for the number of chunk loaders a player can have.
  • Added more exceptions around the MySQL database connection start.
  • Added a reload command to reload the configuration!


  • Moved to a new config setup; it should help make the code cleaner :slight_smile:
  • All amounts passed to /bcl chunks should now always be a positive integer.


  • Fixed a null pointer exception when using the purge command, and the world is empty (#27)
  • If the world is not loaded on startup, we are now loading in the world when we get the sponge event! (Fixes #35)

The new version includes a fix for a problem where the world was not loaded on startup and you would lose the chunk loader - we are now loading the chunkloaders when you load the world :).

A new version has been released for BetterChunkLoader, it is available for download here.


  • Show an error message before allowing players to run bcl commands when the plugin is not ready/enabled (because of wrong config or datastore)
  • Added H2 as an option for datastore #25


  • We throw more readable errors when there is a config exception.
  • Cleanup of internals in the plugin (namespaces)
  • Removed internal references of admin loader (it has not been implemented in a long time - so safe to be removed.


  • Issue with creating chunk loaders
  • URLencode database password (Thank you @clienthax)

I had to delete this version on Ore and upload it again which is giving a few issues, which I hope to be able to resolve soon.

For now, the new 3.8.2 can be downloaded from github

3.8.2 is on Ore again now :slight_smile: