Bio Promotion of Sponge in other Minecraft-Related Sites

I have been attempting to get more involved in the Minecraft community with some of the free time I have, and when I found out about Sponge I was quite excited. I strongly support what the Sponge team is doing and would love to be more involved if only I had more time available to commit to the task. As everyone on this site is well-aware, there are many other Minecraft-related sites, and I would like to put comments in my bios on these sites promoting the Sponge API and its development team. I just wanted to make sure that this was alright before I did so. If, and only if, the Sponge team approves this activity, I would encourage other members to do the same in support of the Sponge team, but to do it in a respectful manner that is approved by the Sponge team.


If this is approved, may be a good place to share some Sponge sig banners

commit to the task

i see what you did there

considering its a small form of promotion i dont think its much of a problem applicable to this, but might as well say it anyway just to get it out there

honestly i don’t think its that good of an idea to be promoting sponge just yet, at least until the first release. there’re people out there who’d be eager to get their hands on a powerful new implementation, and with that comes people trying to throw stuff at the developers to rush the project. walk around the forums for awhile and you’ll see some people thought the implementation was gonna be done this november, when they were confusing it for the API. its november. we still have no real idea when either will be finished.

this is an opinion. do as you may. i do support the idea of getting more people to know about it but i dont think its the right time for it yet.

Probably right, although that’s probably happening a lot more than we think it is already, with people probably still throwing all sorts of pull requests and asking dumb or repetitive questions on the forums or trying to rush the developers, etc. But considering that our community is already doing that, perchance promoting would only make it worse and the forums more cluttered.

Okay guys, thanks for the input. I will be waiting for an official release of the implementation before promoting sponge in my bios.

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