Biomes O' Penty

Here comes another question from Yours Clueless:

So I’ve been looking for a way to modify my biomes in ways that the “out of the box” controls in Minecraft won’t allow. If you must know specifically what I’m trying to do, it’s generating a more realistic plains biome that’s a little flatter and not riddled with caves and small ponds (some are ok, but they tend to generate too much for my tastes).

Anyway, I found this plugin called “Biomes O’ Penty” in my search for ways to do this. It’s a bit of overkill for what I want to do, but it looks quite impressive, nonetheless! Is this plugin available on Sponge? Is this question dumb? :slight_smile:

In the terrain generator list, you have BOP, ExtraBiomesXL, RealTerrainGenerator and Highlands.

I used EBXL on my last server and switched to RTG because I wanted to stay with vanilla blocks.

To use one of these with sponge, you need sponge forge and the right version of the mod, that’s it :slight_smile:

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No your question is not dumb at all :slight_smile:

So Biomes O’ Plenty is actually a Forge mod which supplies its own biomes. You can use it if you make a SpongeForge server, include that plugin, and set BIOMESOP as the level type or generate a new world with it as the generator. The mod doesn’t really give you much control over the specific biomes though outside of enabling and disabling them. I recommend using a world management plugin like Nucleus or Project Worlds.

@Keuterio Gave some other good generation options which are worth a look.

If you want to modify generation yourself, I highly recommend checking out a fork of TerrainControl called OpenTerrainGenerator which is a Forge mod as well so it would require SpongeForge. It can be hard to work with but is a very powerful tool to create your own biomes, worlds, structures, and more. On that page you can find a link to their wikis, forums, and much more for help. A great example of using this mod is the Biome Bundle which is actually a very amazing generation pack which provides beautiful terrain with just vanilla blocks(while still providing support for other mods besides generation overhaul ones like Biomes O’ Plenty). Using that mod and pack is another great option I would highly recommend.

For more information on setting up a Sponge server, with or without Forge mods check out the Creating a Server section on the docs.


This pretty much answers my question, guys. Thank you!

I never heard of OpenTerrainGenerator but it looks really interesting, thanks for the links !

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To add to what the others here have said, I’d recommend using Terrain Control (or a variant thereof) to create the biomes you need. By default it will generate configs for all the “vanilla” Minecraft biomes, and you can then alter them to your taste (and disable some, or add more, as pleases you). It should be straightforward to alter the “plains” biome config to do what you want (decreased incidence of ponds and caves). Sadly, BOP and TC don’t work well together; although it is possible to use mod blocks in Terrain Control biomes, it’s a lot of work.

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Interesting! That sounds more my speed. Is Terrain Control something I can download here?

No, they haven’t got a presence on Sponge Forums (yet). Here’s a link to their Jenkins - you’ll need to download the forge version. They also have their own Forums if you need help, guidance, inspiration, etc.