Bleeding Docs and the Way of the Future


Greetings, editors, contributors, translators and others.

It was announced at State of Sponge 15 that we will be introducing documentation for the bleeding (Experimental) branch of Sponge. The first instance of this will be based on SpongeAPI 7.1 8.0, as API 7.0 is about to graduate to Stable. Your assistance and opinions are requested.

How will we organise for Bleeding Docs?

Some things we need to establish:

  1. Should we continue to offer translation services for the bleeding branch?
    (It is inherently unstable, but very few PRs are reverted).

  2. How many older versions of Sponge should the docs continue to support (ie allow PRs to)?
    (as API 5 and 6 are being deprecated, their docs will go stale. They do have significant gaps. However, four versions being fed to Travis and Crowdin may also increase the time it takes to build quite a bit).

  3. Is there a way we can assist contributors to provide docs with their PRs, as planned?
    (some kind of template has been suggested, which could for example contain basic RST/sphinx formatting for headers and code blocks)

So, how can we best manage the Sponge Documentation using the limited resources we have?

PS: more volunteers and PRs are always welcome.