Block a recipe being made

Hey guys, I need something reliable that will stop a recipe being craftable but still able to be sold by the server.
I am currently using Stackban but for some reason people can still craft 1 item at a time of the items that’s been “banned”, it just seems to of stopped multiple of the items being crafted.

Im running a 1.12.2 pixelmon server if that info is of any use to you.

I looked at Minetweaker but it confused the heck out of me and couldnt find any tutorials on how to actually remove items from being crafted, only how to make new recipes.

Any help is appreciated!

Hey there, the new version of MineTweaker is CraftTweaker and I use it A LOT on my modpacks, feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord and I can help walk you through it :slight_smile: yepidoodles#5971

Hey, thanks for the reply, is this server side only or client as well?

Pretty sure it’s both, but I’ve never tried it just server side before, might work.