Block "say command" for console

i need a plugin that makes it impossible to use the command Say for console, but dont block the command for OPs in game

Hey SacrilAl,

I am working on this plugin for you. I am almost finished. I will post it on GitHub with instructions for you.



Hello SacrilAl,

Here is a link to the plugin.

You can enable the /say command for your staff with the disablesay.say permission node.

Let me know if you need any more functionality.

Thank you,


Just wondering, why?

Also I’m not 100% sure, but can’t this be accomplished by specifically denying the permission of say for the console using a permissions manager?

i need this for block another plugin that uses the say command to broadcast a website

Right… Any chance of just editing that plugin / configuring it not to send the say command? Is it actually a plugin or some sort of server wrapper?

is not exactly a plugin, but, i sure this is the only way :slight_smile:

This might not block it, it appears to just re-register the say command. so /minecraft:say might still work.

this way is working in 1.8 spigot and cauldron, i think that will work in sponge too

wazupwiop, i still can not test it right now, but thanks so much for your help

I just tested this, you’re right. I may have to register the command over that. I will research this. Thanks for your help.

Hey SacrilAl,

I just took Ryan’s feedback. I wasn’t able to disable the minecraft:say command, but I was able to overwrite it with an alias. I think this should provide the functionality you are looking for. I am not aware of any other aliases for the say command.

Here is a link to the new release. I hope this will help you.

@ryantheleach, Thank you for the input. You have been thanked on the Github release notes for 1.0.1.

By the way, let me know if you need any more functionality or configuration added. At the moment, I have not used any kind of configuration file, so the plugin is pretty static.

I’m taking a vacation so I’m out of my area of work, therefore not yet back to work on the server, anyway, thank you very much, that is enough to fix the problem I have