Blocking or Ignoring People on the Forum

A certain someone (who will remain unnammed) has been a bit annoying as of late and I was wondering if there was any native way to “block” or “ignore” them. If not, is that something I could achieve with some JavaScript?

I do not believe that discourse has a “ignore” users function. Even so, ignoring someone isn’t the way to go, you should always try to help them and if you still can’t “Stand” that person, then just stop reading his/her posts. There is no need to block someone out of your feeds just because they are a little annoying or “look weird”.


I dont see any ‘ignore’ function on the forums. Is someone sending you PMs despite being requested to stop? Report him to a moderator or administrator.

Admins and mods have apparently already intervened, and no its not PM’s. Guess its time to learn JavaScript.

Ignoring him instead of making discourse doing this for you might be the easiest solution :wink:

This was in Profile > Prefrences, at the bottom.


That will only work for notifications. I am guessing he totally don’t want to see any post of that user anymore.

I found out how you could do it. First you need to find a chrome plugin that loads javascript every time you go to sponge (tampermonkey or whatever). Than you need to find the user_id of that user.<username>.json. Look for

(Note: Yes I am bored)


Lol I can tell. I’ll keep this close by but it looks like the thing @ButterDev pointed out will do just what I’m looking for.


@bdubz4552 glad I could help :wink:

You want to use a CSS style for that. Get stylish, and:

article[data-user-id=<userid1>] {
   display: none;


article[data-user-id=<userid1>] .cooked {
   color: white;
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