📖 BookOTD 2.0.0 - Display a "message of the day" to your users in the Book GUI [MC1.10.2+/API5+]

BookOTD is a simple plugin for displaying a “message of the day” to your Sponge server users in the Book GUI. Any kind of text available in chat can also be displayed in the book including clickable text, hoverable text, etc.


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does it give credit to me for coming up with 100% of the idea

Did you develop any of the plugin at all? Anyone can come up with an idea, but if you didnt have shit to do with the actual coding of the plugin then no.

Errr…if I recall correctly it was clucky’s idea to add a book API and this plugin idea was entirely my own…

/s means sarcasm


All of these toxic comments on the opening of this plugin.
Let me help.

Fantastic Job!
Hope to give it a try soon :smiley:


New releases available

I like the plugin, but we can’t edit different colors or combinations of URL’s on one page?

I there a documentation about this?

Potentially pushing for this to become more than you intended, but as I don’t see that as a bad thing …

Would it be possible to create multiple / varying messages which accept tokens?

Just to open it up more from being a MOTD feature to a display any text in book-format feature.

To try to explain, if that was too obscure / meandering:

Text: “&aWelcome to the server &c&a!”

Text: “This is info about and you, . You have . You are holding a .”

Meh to the eg tags, as beyond name I’m unsure what could be wanted at the moment that would be practical in a text read-out. Having the book GUI pop-up at an as-server ran command however - permission limited to restrict - would likely see this be of great use to story maps and so on.

Possible further deviations from this are pretty vast though just in the few seconds of my typing this up: different messages depending on held item / items in inventory or location, perhaps intergrating minor quest style requirements, where a display triggers a kill-count for mobs and the mod runs commands itself if whatever criteria defined are met.

Blah de blah.

What brings me here is a search for a mod that allows written books to be provided through command. Stumbled on this and though it could be tweaked into something with a broader appeal.

Depends on the free-time available and I’m hoping to be able to buy up any of that which you have for other projects as you know so … :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a flag for peeps to be inspired or perhaps link me to what I’m looking for as I search :slight_smile:

Was pretty sure it was covered by Nucleus u.u

How can users reopen the BookOTD with a command?

Can I make a version of api7?

Certainly. The project is licensed under MIT.

You might look at webbooks plugin

This plugin is great, I hope it can be used in 1.12.2. Can you write a wiki?

Can I change to a line to display one?