Book editor (import and export from/to file)



I am relatively new to Sponge and I am at the moment setting up a server for me and a couple of friends. Back in the bukkit times we made strong use of a plugin called “books without borders”, which let the admin either export books from the game into a txt file OR import a txt file into the game (as a written book). Since I always write a lot of books for creating a more lively story experience mood, I was wondering if something like this plugin exists for Sponge as well, because I always write the stories into a doc or txt file first in order to be able to edit them.

I think everybody who is interested in conveying longer messages or stories would be interested in such a plugin.

Thank you very much in advance for every help and response.


I could add it in a update on my upcoming plugin “ItemControl” after I bring in support for converting a written book into a writable book.

Here is the original request


that would be amazing :slight_smile: thank you in advance!


Just so you know currently there is a issue with reading books where the output for developers is in JSON format, there is a patch coming along that fixes the issue but its not out yet.

Due to the fact I want to release importing and exporting at the same time you will need to wait for the pull request to go through. However due to the fact it seems like you mainly want this feature for importing .txt files into books, i could do that earlier but like i said I want to release them together. So on a scale of 1-10 (one being That you can wait and 10 being that you would expload if it isnt released right away) how important is the importing of text?


I would love to be able to use it in ~ 3 months. (so, scale 4-5?) But I think I owe you a couple of cookies whenever this plugin is ready :wink: You are right, I am really mainly looking for the implementing of txt files feature. For the time being I would just keep writing stories :smiley:

thanks again!


Hi Moses!
How is it going? Any success on the book import feature yet? :slight_smile:

Best wishes!


No. It seems like the conversion is still coming out in json. Despite me using the json format parser found in sponge.

Not sure why the conversion is not occuring correctly


OK. Thank you for your help so far! It’s not so urgent yet, I and my brother are still writing on the stories. I’ll get back to you sometime in the future.

Until then, take care! :slight_smile: