📚 EverPlugins [1.10.2-1.11.2]

EverAPI is a library. We need to use this library to use my plugins.

:books: The list of plugins when use EverAPI are :

:electric_plug: Links :

:clipboard: Commands :

  • /everapi reload : Reload the plugins and configurations
  • /everapi plugins : Display the plugins when use the library EverAPI

EverAPI use license GNU/GPL.
For more informations, read Licence publique générale GNU, v3.0 - Projet GNU - Free Software Foundation


However, I am French and I need help to fully translate my plugins in English.

I could try to help. I don’t really know french but still want to try to. ^^

Woah this looks amazing o.o
Will everEssentials be similar to the bukkit essentials?

This version of EverEssentials is based on Bukkit Essentials and i add new functionnality. Some functinnality are not available because isn’t implemented on Sponge.

How do you get those item textures to show up in chat? Is that a vanilla feature or a client mod?

EDIT: I see that you have a resource pack with those icons. Do you automatically send it, or does the server admin have to set that up manually?

Currently , it is the server administrator to manually add the texture pack :

:octocat: Download
:closed_book: Wiki

Ah. Also, see my issue on EverResourcePack: is it possible to use Unicode’s Private Use Area instead of hijacking Chinese glyphs?

I am trying to check if it’s possible

Edit : Yes it is possible, I change it immediately.
Thanks for the information

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In the end it is impossible to use the characters of e0 f8. The bug was reported to Mojang in 2013 :

:frowning: That’s a shame. Sorry, I should have made sure that that worked beforehand.

Please update all plugins of ever for api 5.1.0

Hi 11115,
Do you only want the 5.1.0 version of the api, the 6.0 version exists too and the plugins are developped on this version.


because api 5.1.0 support 1.10.2 and api 6 support 1.11.2
I open my server 1.10.2 for pixelmon mod.

Version 1.10.2 : Release EverAPI v1.3-BETA · EverCraft/EverAPI · GitHub

If you have problems or suggestions : Issues · EverCraft/EverAPI · GitHub

Tomorrow. I test. If have error i report to you.

Ever plugins 1.3 BETA 1.10.2-5.2.0 error Could not pass ClientConnectionEvent$Join$Impl
EvenAPI not support plugins of LuckPerms | An advanced permissions system for prefix and suffix.

Link error :

  1. Pastebin - http://pastebin.com/TCb9yadn
  2. Git hub - EverAPI 1.3 BETA for 1.10.2-5.2.0 · GitHub

nametag bug. when player teleport or warp another world. nametag disapper in tablist and chat.

How to download this plugins ?

I updated the url : ci.evercraft.fr