Booster-like Plugin Wanted (Completed)

Founder of a smaller pixelmon server looking to spruce it up a bit with some good custom work.

Work Needed:
I’m looking to get a commission from a developer that isn’t afraid to get creative. This means that while I would obviously provide guidelines and specifics, I’d hope that you would be able to take a few liberties of your own here and there. This is what I need done:

A boosters plugin that would temporarily edit the spawn values like shinySpawnChance and legendarySpawnTicks based on given values. They would need to be able to be activated through both commands and spawnable items. No GUIs involved, but I would need the spawned items be able to store the information given in the spawn command. That information being the multiplier, duration, and type. The boosters would also need a sort of queuing system to ensure that boosters don’t get wasted, and boosters of different types can overlap.

I have more detailed information that I can send you if this sounds like something you’d be willing to work on. I’m also open to suggestion if you feel like something could be done in an easier or more efficient way. Yeah, this idea is a pretty common want for pixelmon servers, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any that were available for purchase and/or did what I needed them too. If these turn out good, I’d also be interested in commissioning more works in the future, if acceptable.

P.S. - Willing to buy already made works, just send me a portfolio and/or description of what you offer. These can be unrelated to my requests, anything in general, really.

Budget is somewhat flexible. As long as the price is reasonable and negotiable I don’t think there will be any problems. I would, however, prefer to agree upon a flat amount instead of an ongoing rate.

I’d rather the works done for my server remain private. You would of course have credit, and would be allowed to put them in a portfolio of things that you’ve done along with a description, but I wouldn’t want them to be sold to other servers. Additionally, While you’d be expected to provide updates/bugfixes when needed, I’d want to be able to take the source to another developer if you are permanently unavailable. I’ve had developers ghost me in the past without providing source, which was not a fun experience. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Please contact me on Discord @Corcustos#0873 to discuss further.

Work has been completed