Bossshoppro port (Finish It) - Need ASAP

Owner of Pixelmon Reforged Server.

Work Needed
I’d like to get bossshoppro ported correctly and efficiently to sponge since the virtualchest dev is being a complete ghost and not responding to any bug reports. I already have a semi-working version ported but its missing some stuff that I’d like to get fixed/updated
these fixes include:
I’m interested in the Simple style of that not the advanced, or other. just the right click/left click shift clicks

I’d also like to have multicurrency support added via economylite. Justin’s plugin supports multi-currency so would like to hook into ecolites multicurrency.

the only other thing i can think of is to clean up the config files so that they generate using sponge itemid stuff rather then spigots. I can provide what i have (tho i dont have the source anymore since this plugin was passed around from dev to dev to get fixed) and its over a yr old but i do have the plugin that can be de-compiled.

i can provide the plugin via discord if you want to take a look at what you’d be dealing with before giving me an estimated price but if it’d be cheaper to go public with it then private since some devs do that I’ll go that route as-well as I was hoping to have it released to sponge community anyway since there isnt any great shop plugins available.

Discuss via discord dm.
If the developer is open to group funding & public release; pixelmon server owners may be more then happy to work something out.

If private; Source needed in-case i need quick fixes done and developer not available to do it or stops working on it.

If public; open source and post to sponge or something idc


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