Bounty Hunter Plugin

Player A puts a bounty on Player B

Player C accepts and when they kill player B they are rewarded the bounty Player A put

2 Modes:

  • Passive: The first player to kill Player B gets the reward
  • Accepting: You must accept the bounty on Player B with /bounty accept Player B


  • /Bounty [player name] [reward]
  • /Bounty cancel [player name]
  • /Bounty accept [player name]
  • /Bounty list
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I’ll make this. In accepting mode, if a player accepts the contract, is it possible for others to still accept it, or does it lock?

Contracts, missions, etc. is something I’d love to do in the future as well. You can take this one though; best of luck @pie_flavor! :slight_smile:

Is this still in the works, or did you abandon it?

I’ve abandoned it, although I may start it again.

;_; Alright this would be a nice plugin, it would add something for players to do.