[Bounty] Implementation of Sponge API

Implementation of Sponge API Bountysource

I wrote the Sponge port of BuycraftX, which centers around a GUI functionality. Little did I know, the Inventory API has not yet been implemented. Thus, I offer the following challenge:

Whoever contributes the most to the implementation of inventories in SpongeVanilla and/or SpongeForge (likely both through SpongeCommon) will be entitled to a $10 bounty.
The bounty can be claimed here (Bountysource).

This is purely an added bonus, and because I think Sponge developers are so amazing I might up that in the future. I have already become a $30 Patreon donor (funded purely with money I make off of my plugin(s)) and this is an added incentive for something that will be implemented no matter what.

casually glances side ways and thinks about how player inventories are mostly/completley implemented

But yeah, CustomInventories, we need those

Mumfrey already pointed out that he needs to get Mixins to support some things first, before the inventory API can get finished :wink:

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So he can claim this when he does finish implementing :stuck_out_tongue: Added incentive (albeit small) to him.