Bridge to Bukkit

Does anyone have any plans to create a bridge between Bukkit & Sponge? If not, I guess I’ll be the first :P. If anyone wants to help out with it, please post below.

I’m realistic, and I’m not expecting 100% of the API to be easy to bridge. First of all will be trying to get some commonly used API sections to work with it, and then we’ll move on. We can take plugins from DBO and test them, testing bigger plugins as we go, to test coverage - the best case scenario would be getting a few of the big plugins to work with it.

I also understand that Sponge API isn’t done, and therefore this will be an ongoing project and probably won’t see a load of development early on.

Something like this has already been made.

Pore has been in the making over the last few days

Wow there should be a thread on here :stuck_out_tongue:

However, this comment does not give me much confidence

Haha, I’m sure they know how to make a Collection implementation. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is an (unofficial) one: Porting Bukkit Plugins to Sponge

Hehe. In my defense, I’ve never worked with collections before because I think they’re stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Collection is an interface. You might know the more commonly used Collections. Like List/ArrayList

… really?

The ability to dynamically resize a collection is stupid? The ability to write code that doesn’t depend on the underlying data structure is stupid? The ability to freeze a collection so that it becomes immutable is stupid? Okay, the standard library’s collections do the latter two pretty awfully, but that doesn’t devalue the concept behind them.