Broken Chunk

Ok, so one of the chunks in my world broke and now it doesn’t let people who were in it log in, the game just crashes. Is there any way to fix this?

Do you know what chunk it is? Or able to get the position of one of the players who can not join due to the broken chunk?

Well, i have coords of the chunk

Ok. Then you can regen the chunk. This essentially refreshes the chunk so it’s brand new. Would that be ok?

Is there any way to regen it without coming into it? It crashes game when you’re coming into it.

Yeah. sponge as a regen chunk option which doesn’t require the chunk to be loaded (thats what will be crashing your server - when a player gets near it it loads and then shown to the player).

Obviously take a backup of your world before trying this just incase something goes wrong. Im quite busy but I have a program called DrChunk that regens chunks

Can you give me a link to that DrChunk program? I’m having trouble finding it.

Its on my pc which im not near yet. When i get a chance ill upload it.
Please note it only works on servers that are on your pc. So if you use a host, download your server to your pc.