[BROKEN, NOT MAINTAINED] ✳ SmackRandomTeleport ✳ - The Ultimate RTP plugin for sponge!

The ultimate RTP solution

:anger_right:Developed for Pokeminer :anger_right:

SmackRandomTeleport was created in response to the lack of decent random teleportation plugins yet to be made for Sponge. While the configurability of Nucleus’ Random Teleport is good, it is not quite to the level I would like. Also a nice GUI for RTP has been added.


  • /rtp - Aliases: rp, rtp, wild, randomteleport, smacktp, smackrtp
    • Permissions
      • smackrtp.rtp - access to the command
      • smackrtp.nocooldown - NOT IMPLEMENTED YET bypasses the cooldown on RTP


  • general
    • compass - true or false. Whether or not to use a compass text chat gui to select direction
    • cooldown - NOT IMPLEMENTED YET positive integer. How long before you may run the command again
    • usecenter - true or false. Should the plugin calculate your new position based on x and z coordinates supplied in the config
  • direction
    • maximum - Sub-nodes accept positive integer or 0. How far away in any direction the player can teleport
      • east
      • north
      • south
      • west
    • minimum - Sub-nodes accept positive integer or 0. What is the minimum distance the player can travel
      • east
      • north
      • south
      • west
  • center - Sub-nodes accept integer value. The X/Z coordinate set only used if general.usecenter is set to true
    • x
    • z

:inbox_tray: Download
:eyeglasses: Source Code at GitHub
:wrench: Feature Requests & Issues


Interesting source code link you got there, seems as if it is completely unrelated to your project.


A simple search on github reveals the actual link: https://github.com/Smackzter/SmackRandomTeleport

I suspect he simply copied the wrong github link :slight_smile:

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Whoops! Fixing now :slight_smile:

Just letting you know, when you say private static SmackRandomTeleport main = new SmackRandomTeleport();, that doesn’t actually get replaced by anything (you never say main = this, so it’ll never return the actual plugin.

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Bugfixes released and download links added to the post.

Hi does this work with spongeforge-1.11.2-2201-6.0.0-BETA-2018

I have not tested it, but feel free to try it out and report back here with the results.

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Any luck on 1.11?

No config file added? and none of the commands work nor does a compass show,it created a folder in config so Im assuming the mod installed but no signs of it… running pixelmon - on server version 1.10.2