Broken portals on the SpongePowered Demo server

Hey :smiley:

The portals on the demo server hosted at “” are not working.
And I’ve noticed that anyone can break blocks in the lobby world. I recommend protecting the lobby with FoxGuard.
All warps are working just fine except for the global/SoS8 warp.
While warping to the SoS8 world I get automaticly stuck in a wall and die.
And having 2 plugins serving a warp command can be quite confusing.

I’ve broken a sign and placed it in front of the spawn containing the text:
Please use
/warp list
as a replacement
for the portals.

Just a quick field report.

I’ve sent your information to the SCS admins. Thanks for the report!

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When did you break it? Afaik the lobby should have protection now, however it’s supposed to be in gamemode adventure anyways.

I’m aware that the SOS8 world warp is broken, i havent found the issue why it broke yet. The warp itself is placed correctly.

Last thing, the portals: there’s currently an issue with commandflags and negative coordinates in Sponge/BLWarps. BL warps is the only plugin we’re actually using for warps :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this, though! :slight_smile:

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And just for everyone else to see, this will be fixed pending the merge of the this PR

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I tried setting the SoS8 warp again, it should be working now. I’m still not sure what was causing this… probably overlapping commands from different plugins… :confused: