BTokens - Generate redeemable item tokens that run commands when redeemed

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  • /btokens
  • The tokens are only redeemable for those who have permission. If you do not want to use this feature, simply set btokens.token.* to true for your default group. Otherwise set btokens.token.TOKENID as required.
  • Admin perm is btokens.admin
  • Please remember to wrap your command in quotes EG. “msg %p Hello!”
  • You can use %p as a placeholder for the redeeming player’s name.
  • Tokens are stored in config/btokens/BTokens.conf if you find it easier to create them that way.
  • TO DO: Reload config command, allow quantity argument for /btokens give

A new version has been released for BTokens, it is available for download here.

Initial release