Bucket glitch?

There is something happening on my server that I just can’t wrap my head around. Whenever a regular player uses a bucket with any liquid, the bucket does not empty.

The players can pick up liquids but the source block will not disappear. Making any liquid block essentially infinite.

Sounds like a permissions issue, try removing LuckPerms and checking, if it still happens then its not, if it doesn’t then send over your permission.

Also, not sure why but it seems your screenshot removes parts of text making it difficult to read, try just a normal print screen and then saving it with something like paint

Maybe it will help you.

this didnt help

I’ve fixed the screenshot, can you guys see it?

Yeah I can see it, just to clarify, when you said “this didnt help” were you referring to LuckPerms? DupeFixer or both?

The dupe fixer plugin. I do believe that it is an issue with either luckperms or universeguard.

Then why dont you check if it is?


It’s a UniverseGuard issue: https://github.com/JimiIT92/UniverseGuard2/issues/168

The versions after your current one seem to address the issue

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Thank you so much! @Stampede

Geez, thanks for the link.

The fix was great, thanks.