Bukkit plugins for sponge

Hi everyone, I’ve recently made a private server for me and my friends and I put a lot of plugins in there. I just recently found out that client mods could be supported in mutliplayer through the use of forge and now i would like to implement some mods into my server. The problem is of course that since cauldron isn’t updated for 1.9, there is no way to have a bukkit/forge server, but then I read about sponge but im still confused. I understand that sponge can run mods with forge and also any plugins that was developped specifically for sponge. All the plugins I use are bukkit plugins and so im just wondering if there will ever be a way to run plugins+mods on a server now that pore was discontinued.

There will never be support for Bukkit plugins. Sponge is a completely different API, written completely differently (and much better), and Pore was discontinued because it was such a huge task to try to implement the Bukkit API using Sponge, and also because this would encourage people continuing to use the Bukkit API instead of the Sponge API.

Many of the Bukkit plugins that you use likely have Sponge alternatives, such as Essentials -> Nucleus, Multiverse -> ProjectWorlds, WorldGuard -> FoxGuard, etc. Other plugins are constantly being developed.


Can you convert a bukkit plugin into a sponge one or u have to restart from the beginning

Since Sponge is a completely different API, plugins have to be remade.

Sponge is different. How different, depends on what part of the API you are using. However, given a little bit of effort, a plugin can be ported. It is not recommended, though, to do a direct port; many of the design flaws that are part of Bukkit will then seep into the Sponge version, and Bukkit places a heavy emphasis on hardcoding whereas Sponge has a heavy emphasis on abstraction, which is part of why Forge is so much easier to work with.


okay well thx for your help!