Bukkit Plugins To Sponge Plugins?

I was curious to know if the old Bukkit plugins that many servers use will be compatible without any porting or any thing like that? if any one could fill me in on this topic that would be great AND! i was also wondering if it were possible to make my server when it comes on a sponge server like how would i do that? would it be like downloading craftbukkit?

There are a lot of plugins that are getting ported. But without pore, Bukkit plugins won’t work on Sponge.


From my understanding, Sponge will be a core mod for Forge, so you’ll have to set up a Forge server and install Sponge. As @Bammerbom said, Bukkit plugins by themselves will not be compatible, but Pore (linked above) will serve as a bridge between Bukkit and Sponge.

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is Factions and the Ships plugin being ported? oh and mabye the races and classes plugin?

press ctrl + f and type your plugin name.


You are right, almost any popular plugin will be ported.

ill have to ask mosemister if hes going to port the ships plugin

It’s already been confirmed, he was here before you were :wink:

That’s basically what @Bammerbom said. Oo

one step ahead of you :wink: