BukkitDev for Sponge!?

Hello guys! CraftThatBlock here a relatively well known member on Spigot. :smile:

As I am a web developer, and I am part of the Spigot community, and I see a lot of potential into the Sponge project, I would like to make my part into it.

My Java days are still here, but web is mostly what I have been doing lately, so I’d like make something for Sponge…

A DevBukkit for Sponge!

This would have similar functions as the original one, but with more features, and a lot more community driven. It possibly will be open-source (haven’t decided yet) and will definitely be hearing from Sponge.

So I have a few questions for you guys about all of this:

  • What should it be called? (I was thinking about SpongeDev or something)
  • Do you think it is essential for it to be open source?
  • What features should it have? Would should it have that BukkitDev doesn’t have?
  • And most importantly, should this be even considered?

Thanks guys. Love y’all <3


I like the idea, BukkitDev was REALLY useful. I’m a web developer too, and if open source, i’ll definitely help with it.

Name Suggestions: Sponge Plugins, Sponge Projects, SpongeDev … ?

I think it should have the same features of BukkitDev with things like “Top Downloaded Plugins”…


BukkitDev was extremely useful, I think this or something similar is a next-to requirement for sponge.

I may be able to help if you choose to do it the java/ajax way. I’m skilled in JEE and recently started with AngularJS, ping me if these skills are useful.

one thing that always bugged me from BukkitDev was the lack of “see other plugins like this” button. I would have to browse through pages upon pages to find two plugins that were similar. This would also allow other plugins that aren’t as well known to be shown to people. Essentials was great, yes, but Nsuite, and UltimateCore were just as good, if not better (IMO) but didn’t get as much love, because they weren’t as famous.

PS: it’s the youtube conundrum: the more views it gets, the more viral it goes, which gets it more views, pushing it further up the scale every time, while other smaller-time (but possibly better) videos by default get lower and lower on the list.


I was working on this for awhile, but I recently took the site offline, but it basically was a replication of DBO, downloads, wiki pages, markdown content, etc.


As a plugin dev with a simple plugin BukkitDev worked just fine for me, although dealing with support in the comments/private message was a pain at times. I’ve always mused if somehow integrating github/bitbucket tickets into BukkitDev would be worth while and ditch comments altogether (yes I know I could disable comments, but I like reading people telling me how much they liked my plugin, it makes it worth it). Having an optional built in CI could be cool as well, or integrating TravisCI. But these are high in the sky pipe dreams and Ci would up the hosting cost.

As a user BukkitDev was awful for me. I never used the curse front end, just bukkitdev. Finding plugins was a miserable experience. Search is a very hard thing to get right. One example is finding an economy provider/backend. I would set BukkitDev to display only economy plugins and I would be faced with a list of almost every plugin hosted on BukkitDev. It would of been nice if plugins were limited to only one category based on their primary function (sorry Towny you are not an economy plugin). Another option would be a pre-set list of tags plugins could select a limited number from.

Name: I don’t think BukkitDev was the best name for the site. IIRC the original intent was that it was a front end just for plugin developers but everyone ended up using it. For KSP they had KerbalSpacePort which was a nice name for their ship and mod hosting.

I think it should be FOSS, you gain access to a lot more help from more web development focused people.

I’ll most likely be using Laravel, as it’s my favorite (PHP) framework and I find it very easy to pick up (try out Laracasts)!

SpongeDev seems like a nice name for now. Or SpongePort, but we already have something called Port. Spongy possibly? :P. I’ll probably start soon working on some front-end (I am by no means a front-end developer) and then start working on the site soon.

It will definitely be open-source now :smile:

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I’m of no use in PHP, nevertheless, PM me if you can use any help.

+1 for Spongy :slight_smile:

The project literally just started and we already want a SpongeDev. Love the enthusiasm! I don’t know how I am going to contribute, but I want to be a part of this :wink:

Part of me loves the fact that little projects are popping up all over the place like “Lets do this!” and “Lets do that!” and all of them are great and most of them are necessary for this project. On the other hand it scares me a little because I have seen projects like this that have explosive starts then dwindle down into nothing. Personally I hope that doesn’t happen to sponge.

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I know there was a lot of discussion about making a apt-get/yum like repo for plugins, so that they could automatically be updated on the server. Not sure what happened with discussion, but I’m pretty sure the idea is still being worked on.

Open source is a must if Sponge is really going to be community based.

This site’s source code should be open source :slight_smile: haha

This sounds like a great idea! I would love to be apart of the SpongeDev Team (I like that name btw :smile:), Not sure where I could play a part but I am willing to try! I feel like the already established and growing sponge community will be able to take SpongeDev where BukkitDev wished it could have been, and what it could have been.

So I have a few questions for you guys about all of this:

  • What should it be called? (I was thinking about SpongeDev or something)
    SpongeDev - It keeps some of the classic Bukkit spirits
  • Do you think it is essential for it to be open source?
    Nope, however other developers could contribute to it and I feel like everything being open-source like Sponge is a better image for the project compared to Bukkit
  • What features should it have? Would should it have that BukkitDev doesn’t have?
    A section where requests to port plugins can be used, there is a forum thread, but a better and more streamlined alternative should be available. A person could put down a plugin name, what version its on (Minecraft wise), and then approved devs could claim it.
  • And most importantly, should this be even considered?

iam personally would like this funktion really its probalby a way that we can had with the plugins :smiley:

Similar topics already exists:

Also SOAK idea exists:

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This has been under discussion here. Plugin Hosting - #102 by TheYeti

Some people have full implementation ideas already. If you claim to be a web dev, post some examples…

Here’s something I’ve been working on https://github.com/heisenbugdev/heisenbugdev

When sponge is more mature and in need of something like this, contact me and I can see if we can finish that up.