Buying a new server, what now?

Hi everyone!

I was running a server on SBC, Raspberry Pi 3, it was fun, but I wanted some more mods (I used just BiomesOPlenty).

I want to have more mods, but not so much, like 15 at most, the most ‘resource-hungry’ ones would be (at least I think so) EnderIO and BOP.

I would use other mods too, like VeinMiner, JEI, RoguelikeDungeons and ActuallyAditions.

Do you think I need a really powerful SBC (single board computer)(I use them because of power consumption) with, let’s say 4gb of ram, or is 2 gb enough?

I would run cca 10 sponge plugins.

So if you want to use more than one or two mods, with more than one player, and more than a tiny world (especially with enderio), your going to NEED more than 4GB ram…

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Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

no, no, no! I’m using approx. 5 BIG mods like thaumcraft, lycanitemobs e.t.c and some smaller on my hosting show me that it uses approx 4gb ram on 3 players so I think your computer will be enough with 4gb ram.

EnderIO and BoP (iirc) are what I consider server killers… They are pretty intense mods… you could probably make it work if it’s only you and another player. But as a professional DevOpsTech, and software developer, I really doubt you will get good performance running it… Depending on what you want however, you might be able to get something like a snapdragon SoC with 8GB of ram… I have (as stupid as it sounds) run a full Minecraft server off a stripped down phone…

From my experience, 4GB should barely be enough, depends also on how many people use it.
You could always get a small server and upgrade later, there’s no need to go all out at the very beginning specially when starting out you’ll have a very small handful of players.