Came from spigot yesterday, looking to integrate but have some issues with core mechanics and it's overwhelming

I had some core plugins on my spigot server, and looking to move to sponge for conquest. One of the main things was custom items (higher attack swords for ex.) and special enchantments on them.
Also a system of enchantment books being successful or not succesful, with a chance to destroy the item if not successful.

Another thing was towny, I know there is nations, but it doesn’t work with the Pieconomy plugin. And my spigot server was an item based economy, which used villager shops for trading. I tried using pieconomy and lite economy at the same time and they don’t work.

I’m also looking for something like world border, and itemizer.

Can someone help me figure out how I can change to sponge?

Currently an API deficiency; attributes aren’t supported yet.

You can only have one economy plugin installed at a time.

Minecraft already has a world border with /worldborder. As for Itemizer I’m confused - how is this different from the /give command?

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