Can I be a moderator?

I was very active on the bukkit forums and have fallen in love with the sponge community ever since it started up.

About me?
22 y
Old server admin
Started playing minecraft before alpha
Very active forum user
Has insomnia so can moderate late nights

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Of course, I can’t talk for anyone who could actually make this decision. But I’d imagine that if they needed help, they would ask.


Yeah but you gotta send in your resume BEFORE the help wanted sign appears…ya kno, hope lol

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Ehm, … . Discourse is pretty much self moderating.


What I got from one of those lines was “Hire me, I have insomnia!”


I’m just saying. Insomnia doesn’t make you a more viable job candidate.


I have cookies make out of hmod

Well at least we can say that he has the courage to ask this. We regulars just sit their and stair: “How would it be to be mod”.

Btw @sfxworks I don’t think this will happen. And if it happens, shit would get real. We would get flooded by request like this… . Also people that are a bit more active than you, would probably, most likely, feel a bit buthurt :smile:.


No, I actually don’t think that, but okay…

Not taking it to general xD. But you know what I mean. If @sfxworks would get moderator, a lot of us people would probably feel akward/betrayed. Some threads on lounge give a good indication. (Talking about the lounge, where is it ?)


Gone, because some people feel that they have to act like kids and talk about people behind their backs in there :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait what? the lounge is actually gone?
I thought i just lost my regular status a few days ago…

I don’t think beeing a regular makes you special.
It’s just an indicator of you lurking the forums heavily.
Regulars don’t need more rights as they have just now… Renaming titles is enough.

You know what, im just about done being a regular, too complicated. I’m not associating with this anymore. There is too much debate and drama surrounding regulars for me.

In response to @Tzk I like the sponge project, I want to help the project, I will eventually donate and if I thought I had the time I would contribute code to it. It shows commitment to the project, not just lurking on the forums.

So I am done, we are looked down upon by administration and resented by everyone else it seems.

This is not the fault of administration, or other members. The fault lies with a few of the regulars who point the rest in a bad light. That’s really the last thing that needs to be said about this. It’s the responsibility of all the regulars, even you @RobodudeMC, to break that.

I realize the fault lies on them. I mean, at one point we had an entire thread devoted to alerting us about what a**holes some of us were being. Thats bad. Im a bit tired of the association to be honest. The entire removal of the lounge for the purpose of rumor spreading, that just pushes me right over the edge.

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I just don’t associate with it. I do my best, I’d like the others to do so aswell, but if they don’t, then there’s nothing I can do.

This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed as the topic has since diverged. The lounge removal can be discussed in another thread.

In regards to the original topic, @sfxworks, I do believe that @Owexz or any of the other administrators would be the people to talk to to become a moderator.

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