Can I run Sponge with a modpack?

So I am new to running a modded server… I have been ingame admin in the past, but never had to be one where I manipulated files and such. We have a modpack called “All The Mods” installed, and would like to have some plugins, but I have been told in the past, that you cant run a modpack and have plugins at the same time. I’m hoping what I was told was not correct. The way i’m understanding it is I can download sponge forge, and put it in my mods folder, and then download plugins and put them in there as well. This seems too good to be true lol. Any help is appreciated!!

Right. What you were told was probably refering to Bukkit Plugins. Thouse you can not run with Forge Mods.

SpongeForge and Sponge plugins can run with modpacks. Infact SpongeForge will try and get as much info out of the mods so that plugins can interact with the mod as best as possible.

For example. A shop plugin will be able to sell a mods items. The plugin “ships” (by myself) can use forge blocks as ship blocks.

There are some cases where forge mods and sponge will not get along. This can result in a verity of outcomes from sponge not interacting with the mod to sponge not loading. But try it and find out


That’s exactly what I was hoping for lol. Now I just need to find some good ones