Can someone make a ClearLag plugin of sorts for 1.8.9 Minecraft SpongeForge?

My server desperately needs this plugin and there is no longer any such plugin as the last one which has been discontinued and even then I believe it was last only updated for 1.10 MC. I’d be willing to offer some sum of money for anyone willing to create and keep this plugin up to date with SpongeForge, as my server very much so needs it!

What do you want this plugin to do? Only clear some types of entities in an interval?

What I’d like for it to do is have the ability to do a scheduled world check every 5 minutes or so and remove all dropped items not in a players inventory. It’d be nice to be able to run it manually as well as having it on schedule, IE being able to /clean essentially whenever I thought it’d be a good idea. It’d be ideal if it scanned the whole world, and not only the chunks currently loaded in by players as well. Would you need any more information on what I’m asking, or is there any questions of what I’m asking?

This is of course possible. What I’m not sure about is that only removing drops “clears lag”.

Well I think you have to load the unloaded chunks in order to remove the drops inside them so it would cause more lag than it solves.


You can also change the time that dropped items will stay before being removed by changing the Sponge config option item-despawn (possibly add -ticks?)

It is potentially the solution to an issue I am having on my server, so if you or someone you know could make such a plugin that can to a manual world check and then just scheduled checks for loaded in chunks that’d be awesome.

Manual solution for loaded chunks: /kill @e[type=Item]