Can someone tell me how to download gradle for mac

can someone tell me how to download gradle for mac without homebrew

Sure you can download Gradle here. However, it’s highly recommended to just use a gradle wrapper, for environmental control.

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can some tell me how to install gradle for mac plz i being search for hours

I provided a direct link to the website…


Google “how to install gradle for Mac”

i try that out :fearful:

Maybe you could tell us what step of the installation you’re getting stuck on?

[quote=“kingalphamc, post:6, topic:6804, full:true”]
i try that out
[/quote]Is not conducive to our ability to read your mind and solve the issue telepathically.

There are clear instructions in the gradle installation guide

Just download zip, extract it, add to PATH, done.

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where can i find the PATH
environment variable on mac

That’s not a question for me to find the answer to. You should learn more about your OS (tip: use Google)


Or if you have brew I believe you can do

sudo brew install gradle

I don’t know though.

I doubt he has homebrew. Seriously dude. Perhaps you should learn the intricacies of your own OS before you try to code.

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