Can someone try my modpack

no more link :smile:

deleled link :weary:

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You cannot do it like this. You violate nearly every mod authors copyrights. You have to look up the permissions for every Mod and check for in how far you are allowed to redistribute it… Some don’t have problems seeing their mods in modpacks but want to have their names mentioned and a link to the original post. But in some cases, for example OptiFine, that is not enough. You are not allowed to redistribute it no matter what and cannot use it in a modpack as long as it’s not downloaded from with the

So, the gist is that what you’re doing here is illegal :confused:


On top of that most people won’t download, extract and try a random file out.
This is due to security reasons.


As someone who has been part of a mod development team, I am always very agitated when people fail to credit the developers. People pour chunks (hehe minecraft pun… ahem back to seriousness) of their lives into these mods and some people feel like they can redistribute them all they want regardless of license. You may find them annoying but adfly links are amazing for mod developers as they feel they are getting a little back from the community for their hard work. All you have to do is wait like 15 freaking seconds, is that really so hard.

The way I tend to do modpack distribution is that I have a zip file with links to the main threads for the modpack. This usually settles most license issues, allows the thread / post / website to get some attention and also forces someone to go through adfly if needed. I also throw in a text file crediting all authors / teams for mods just to be thorough.

I have, at one point for automation, made a modpack installer that was a batch / bash script that opened all the adfly and thread / website links in chrome. Once the user had downloaded all of the files they needed they would press a key and the installer would copy the resulting jars to the folder it needed, kinda hacky, but it worked.