Can Sponge forge work alongside Spigot?

Hi, i am running a small private server and it would make life easier if i could have plugins and mods working side by side so i want to know if SpongeForge can run with Spigot.
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As far as I know it can’t. If you find a Bukkit implementation using Forge it could work, but I don’t think there is any.

Does SF (Sponge Forge) Work together with SS (SpongeSpigot)?

There is no such thing as far as I am aware.


Api spigot same thing

No, it seems like you are confusing many issues together.

Sponge Plugins built against the SpongeAPI will work on SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla.

Forge mods will work on Sponge Forge.

None of these projects have anything to do with Spigot.

Does this answer your question?

Yes. i get that sponge is like spigot/forge/whatever and does not run side by side with them.

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Sponge does run side by side with Forge. Therefore you need SpongeForge.

Spigot, Sponge and Forge are all platforms that provide an API to make plugins/mods.

Spigot and Forge both require their own server to run their plugins, so will not work together without huge modifications.

Sponge works with/on Forge, and so Sponge plugins work fine on the same server as mods.

It is possible to modify the server files to get it to load Spigot and Sponge/Forge or whatever. It is not the easiest thing but it is possible. But you won’t find a explanation to this, because it’s not an official way.
Spigot is built on Bukkit and Sponge is built on Forge, so they use different ways to perform stuff and/or load stuff, what makes them pretty incompatible. Once there was a project doing this, called Cauldron but it was stopped.

Spigot plugins are made completely different from Sponge plugins. A sponge plugin won’t load on a Spigot server, and vice versa. There’s no amount of “server file hacking” you can do to get around that. There have been attempts to implement the Spigot API for sponge, but all of them have died, so you’d be safe in assuming that there’s no chance of a working implmentation ever happening.

It is possible to modify the server files

In the same way that it’s possible to create any of these projects in the first place, or create your own startup sure.

In any way that’s practical for someone who doesn’t already realise how and have the skill set? No not really.

Not to mention that the licensing would be a nightmare, and that Spigot doesn’t use the same mappings as MCP, so it would take someone a lot of time and effort to essentially port Bukkit back to Sponge like blood used to for Bukkit to Forge.

I’m locking this to prevent this turning into a flame war, and people thinking they can just patch stuff and be up and running.